Mindfulness is focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Digital is what our lives have become. To be digitally mindful is to be aware of the effects technology has on you.

Technology pulls you out of the present moment. It transports you into a world of ones and zeros. With each decade life becomes more intertwined with technology. To the point at which you no longer view them as different worlds. You haven’t noticed, but technology has pillaged your mental space.

You protect those thirty-minute and one-hour blocks on your calendar. But what about the moments sprinkled throughout your days? Where have the minutes that accumulate to hours gone?

Stop and think about it. You know exactly where that time has gone. It’s what you feel guilty about.

Don’t be a fool. You alone are not responsible. An army of scientists & statisticians is against you. They’ve found a way around your defenses.

You protect your time, but not your attention. And that’s their trojan horse.