Your employer isn’t your success coach.

You work for them and they pay you. Consider your paycheck as your alimony payment.

The enforcement of quarterly goals is an insulting method of self-improvement. All lasting change must be forged by you.

When you are contemplating your future you should be asking: What do I enjoy? What do I want to learn? Where do I want my career to go?

After you’ve identified a direction and a new skill to acquire or to improve demonstrate how that skill benefits your employer. Demonstrate is the keyword, not tell. You can only sell results, not ideas.

If there is no overlap between what you want and what benefits your employer you have a few choices.

One, outside of work, acquire the skills that secure a job with more alignment.

Two, work harder and smarter to provide enough slack in your workday to borrow time to invest in your future.

You can’t change the world with an hour a day. But you can certainly change yourself. That small fraction of time is all it takes to reap the compounding rewards of growth.

Consistency are your deposits and growth is the interest you’re rewarded with.