Defeated by the day. Yet again, there wasn’t any time left for you. No time for you to better your craft, to invest in yourself, or to reflect on where you want your life to go. You have Amazon wishlists full of books, folders full of bookmarks, and a long list of liked tweets you promise to return to. But those are all opportunities to improve. And in and of themselves are useless. You have intentions, aspirations, and dreams. Just no time.

Time. It’s such a finite resource. You know you can’t make more of it. So you search for it as a scavenger. Grabbing 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Within those reclaimed minutes you frantically pillage your social media feeds, wish lists, and bookmarks searching for the best use of your time. Paralyzed by context switching you realize there isn’t enough time to do any of it. All you can do is shallowly skim the surface of knowledge. You feel something’s missing.

What’s missing is the habit of growth. A habit that ensures a daily investment in your future self. You cannot make time. You can only take time. It’s a matter of choice. As with money, you must pay yourself first. If you want enough time to pursue what’s most important, schedule time with yourself. Establish a habit of growth and put the investment of your future self on autopay.