Knowledge in a library waits patiently. Think back to the last time you were in a library. Did you feel overwhelmed? No. Did you feel anxious? No.

It’s interesting to compare that to the feeling you get when on the internet. There’s something different about the abundance of knowledge in a library vs. the knowledge on the internet, especially Twitter. One overwhelms you and the other relaxes you. I won’t attempt to explain the difference factually. I just know it to be true from my own experience. The question then becomes, can I create an experience on Twitter that resembles that of a trip to the library?

I believe the answer is in how you get information. The major difference between the internet and Twitter is one pushes and the other requires you to pull. Push follows a subscription-based model. You subscribe, follow, or like and you’ll get more of the same. It requires less effort. Whereas with a library you have to pull. Pulling requires more work. You have to define what it is you’re looking for and provide parameters. And then you have to go search for it. Walking up and down isles. It’s in this difference that one method overwhelms and another relaxes.

Applying this to Twitter, I’ve started to use its advanced search. Knowing what to search for has been the most difficult part. I’m so used to browsing and that having to make that decision up-front is hard. Putting in that extra effort has been rewarding. I’m starting to slow down as I read. Absorbing what I read and taking notes sometimes to remember the good lessons and or insights I’ve gained.

Twitter is becoming less chaotic and more enjoyable.

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