Following Zero had some interesting consequences.

Before yesterday I followed a modest amount of around 100 people. Which was plenty to have a constant stream of new information in my feed. And was what kept me on the platform the longest. I’d get a notification and then hit the feed. Cutting this off at the knees, I unfollowed everyone.

It destroyed the appeal of the feed. My feed is now an echo chamber of myself. Only occasionally pulling updates from lists I’ve created. It also cut my notifications in half. Because you have to follow people to subscribe to their notifications.

Twitter is less appealing. But it’s also less useful. Even though I spent 3 hours on Twitter Monday it was fun. Yesterday I got bored quickly.

@naval is on to something with 0 Following. The low-level anxiety is gone. I didn’t feel like I was missing out.

Perhaps Following is just that. It’s you willingly following along with how Twitter wants you to use their platform.

Next: Increasing the signal to noise ratio. Making Twitter useful again.