It’s better now. I had a much harsher view of the feed than necessary.

0 Following reminded me of playing a game of kickball as a child. I didn’t like the rules so I refused to play. In the end, it only hurt me. I was the one who wasn’t playing. But taking a step back I could observe and understand the rules better. Which is exactly what happened.

It all came down to the signal to noise ratio. Having everything in my feed was the problem, not the feed itself. There were certain people I missed hearing from. People who breathe life into the world, inspire, and motivate. Each tweet they send is worthy of reading. I decided to re-follow all of those people.

I didn’t want to abandon those I unfollowed. I followed them for a reason. Many are friends and relationships I cherish. At first, I put everyone into a single list. That resulted in more or less that same problem as before.

So, I start to categorize the type of information in the list. I found that I follow two communities and one group of amazing technologist who share amazing articles. I created a list for each. Now it’s much easier to follow along and to join in on conversations.


  • Increase the signal to noise ratio in your feed
  • Unfollow but don’t unfriend, create lists for like-minded people.

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