I spent my twenties sprinting towards ideals.

Ideals drawn about myself but based on the life of others.

Doing so propelled me towards the direction I aimed for. But come judgment day, I’d always fall short. In comparison, I wouldn’t measure up to who they were. At least not the version of them I held in my mind.

In my comparison to others, the metrics of my own success were woefully inaccurate.

After all, how could I expect an accurate measurement by measuring the processes running on the wrong system?

If one swings the pendulum too far you miss the opportunity to stand on the shoulder of giants. Without comparison entirely you walk through this game of life in single player. Equipped with only your own knowledge.

You miss the opportunity to learn from and benefit from the assistance of others. Maximize your growth by joining the open and infinite game of life.

Look upon others to adjust your sights, dreams, and ambitions. Compare only to who you were yesterday. They are the compass, you are the ship. The only thing that matters is the distance you’ve traveled.