You don’t change who you are. You change how you react.

The power of this statement falls def to most. Those who understand it respond with upward-pointing finger emojis and “THIS” gifs.

It’s true, certain things about you, you can’t change. And you shouldn’t want to.

Fragile, moody, and anxious are words that explained me.

Now those words have been replaced with calm, collected, and at times reserved.

Those are words people chose without the context of my inner dialog. The same fire burns within. The difference is I’m controlling the fire. It does not control me.

I’ve learned to control my reactions to these menacing emotions. Letting them out does a great more deal of harm than good.

At the surface, these traits appear as defects.

But void of their negative effects they’re powerful. Furthermore, they’re a part of what makes me, me.

Through these defects, I see the world differently than most. I feel more deeply than most. I’m sensitive?

My sensitivity allows me to see what others are ignorant of.

Beware of the binary identity.

What you cast out as defects just might be your greatest assets.