——>The Duffney Directives<——

> Establish a habit of growth.
> Consistency matters. What you're consistent with matters more.
> Become comfortable being unproductive while learning.
> Contentment is not the same as complacency.

When learning, make obtaining competence your only goal.

Only after you’ve become competent can you determine if mastery is worth pursuing.

There is a suffering in complacency. Knowing you’re not achieving your true potential bitters you.

> Learn enough to practice, practice until you understand.
> Enjoy the process of learning, rather than the outcome.

Look upon others to adjust your sights, dreams, and ambitions. Compare only to who you were yesterday.

They are the compass, you are the ship.

The only thing that matters is the distance you’ve traveled.

Your future needs a direction, not an operating manual. Know where you want to go, not how to get there. Only through action can you discover how.

Be careful with who you share ideas. Your ideas might create authority conflicts with their idols. And one must never compete with idols.

> You can only sell results, not ideas.

You avoid offline and away status because responsiveness is rewarded above performance.

People Don’t Just Notice You. Your work and potential will go mostly unnoticed unless you learn to promote yourself.

> Humble enough to avoid arrogance. Confident enough to influence.

Ideas require preparation for intellectual battle. Never reveal them until you can engage, defend, and maneuver.

Use the experiences of others to influence your decisions without making them for you. Their trials might be your triumph.

Wisdom is acquired by reflecting on the application of knowledge. The application of knowledge is your experience.