Reading List

Book TitleCategoryReview
The Phoenix ProjectDevOpsTODO
Practice of Cloud System AdministrationDevOpADDLINK
Team TopologiesDevOpsTODO
Making Work VisibleDevOpsTODO
The ShallowsMindsetTODO
Deep WorkProductivityTODO
Digital MinimalismProductivityTODO
Atomic HabitsPsychology?TODO
The ONE ThingPsychologyTODO
Instructional Design for MortalsWritingTODO
Ansible for DevOpsTechnologyADDLINK

Pluralsight Courses

Podcast Appearances

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Infrastructure as Code using Ansible #664RunAsRadio
017: How To Become a DevOps EngineerCloudSkills
058: DevOps vs. SRECloudSkills
080: Do Certifications Really Matter?CloudSkills
Episode 331 with Josh DuffneyPowerscripting Podcast
Digital MinimalismPerspectives in Tech
SAS 041 – Digital DeclutterThe SysAdmin Show
IT Burnout. Let’s help each other avoid itIT Reality
Career Goals don’t matter but they Absolutely do matterIT Reality
A Day in the life of an SRE with Josh DuffneyIT Reality