I’ve become addicted. Each spare moment pulls me to get that cheap hit of dopamine. One like would suffice. But it’s the possibility of many that override my willpower.

The only way I know how to get rid of the low-level anxiety that comes from usage is to not play the game. It’s not the addiction that keeps me coming back it’s the relationships I’ve built, the people I’ve missed. People who help me navigate the abundance of knowledge.

Remove Twitter and half or more of my accomplishments vanish. It provides true tangible value. Even direct monetary value. Twitter accounted for ~25% of all my book sales. Still, this isn’t a cost I’m willing to pay. I’d prefer a happier life. One without the constant nagging that brings on that constant low-level anxiety.

So, over the next 30 days, I’ll be researching, experimenting, and sharing as I learn to use Twitter without getting addicted. If I fail, my only option is to opt-out of the game.


  • Build a healthy habit of Twitter usage.
  • Efficiently use Twitter, maximizing my time to engage with people, build relationships, and seek valuable information.
  • Understand the psychology behind Twitter to learn how to avoid or mitigate their mind games.