Life seems charted.

Within this information abundant world, all one needs to do is leverage the documented knowledge of others. And use it to carefully chart their future.

So, to make the most of this life, you plan.

You plan as Napoleon would. Plotting your course to victory. Waggering which moves will have the most chance of success.

You set goals to drive outcomes. And reduce risk by lowering your aim. Convincing yourself that happiness is a milestone instead of a state of mind.

Yes. It is a war. But, it is fought on an unknown battlefield against the unpredictable tragedies of life that await everyone. The only true casualty of this war is a life wasted waiting for outcomes.

You may plan like Napoleon but explore like Columbus.

Action and direction are the connecting points of progress.

Direction is required to ignite action. And action is required to fuel direction. Constrain your direction to the point that it propels you into action.

Your life is uncharted. Ditch your mapped out plans. Plan for tomorrow’s battle. Because the rest is unknown.